SatisFood, Special products for special people...

Satisfood, The unique food products we bring you are for those who enjoy something special, something extraordinary something you won’t find in your local grocery or supermarket.  

We are an importer of several brands from around the globe with Top-of-the-line gourmet and unique foods, each product with its own specialty; Our unique products are the perfect compliment to festive, corporate and family events like birthdays, weddings, retirements; Christmas, Easter etc. in fact you don’t even need a reason why, just to spoil yourself a bit.

Our aim is not to replace your local grocer but to bring you items that you may not find anywhere else that are now available at your finger tips.

We are constantly expanding the range and variety of our gourmet food products, which will gradually cover the full palette of gourmet food available on the market.

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